A trip dashboard serves as a central repository for your trip. It's here that you collect all of the bits of information about your trip that you want to save, so that it's all easily accessible. That includes links to your [[Journal is the ultimate souvenir|trip journal]], photo albums, [[Trip itinerary]] or other planning docs, and blog or social media posts. You can also include any other useful details, such as total miles driven, states visited, who joined you, the trip dates, and total trip costs. I also link to any reference materials collected for or during the trip, as this makes it easy to retrieve to pass along to someone else. I also include a listing of the primary destinations of the trip, any quest objectives I completed, and any people I visited, which makes it easy to search for these. A dashboard makes it easier to relive the entire trip when you [[§ 1.5 - Remember|re-encounter]] it because everything is in one place and easily accessible. You can keep your dashboard in a variety of formats, whether that's a simple text file, Google Doc, blog post, or something else. Most of my trip dashboards reside as blog pages, but I'm currently transitioning them to [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md) markdown files. No matter what format you use, consider making it as [[Create a permanent journal asset|future-proof]] as possible.